Posted by: nashvillebuasb | November 23, 2010

Introducing…ASB Nashville’s 2011 Coordinators! WOO!

Hello wonderful potentially-future ASB Nashville volunteers! We are Emily Mulloy and Meghan Ross, the 2011 Alternative Spring Break coordinators for Nashville, TN. Now for a little bit about each of us:

Howdy everyone! My name is Emily Mulloy and I am incredibly excited to be one of the trip coordinators for the trip to Nashville, TN! Currently, I am a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, double majoring in Psychology and International Relations. Someday, I hope to work as an organizational consultant, working with non-profit organizations. I’m especially excited for this trip, due to its focus on helping people with disabilities (which is how I spent a bulk of my time in high school!). Now, I’m even more excited to be able to do what I love…far away from home! In addition to ASB, I spend a lot of my time volunteering with the DREAM Program (i.e. the best mentoring program in the universe!), which is a group that works exclusively with kids from affordable housing communities. Last May, I also traveled to Honduras with the BU Global Medical Brigades where I had lots of fun and even pulled out a tooth (I may have gagged beneath my mask). I also enjoy playing tennis, watching terrible horror films, and laying around pretending I don’t have homework (which seems to have become an art form lately…). Let’s see…what else? I’m originally from the great state of Wisconsin, where I spent my entire life prior to Boston. My favorite color is blue. My favorite flower is the daisy. I prefer short walks on the beach over long ones. Oh, and our van to Nashville will be filled with lots and lots of chocolate. I hope you’re ready…’cause I sure am!

Oh hey there! My name is Meghan Ross and I’m a senior in the School of Management concentrating in marketing with a minor in advertising in the College of Communication and an interest in the media and entertainment industry. My goal in life is to basically be Liz Lemon/Tina Fey, or at least work for NBC making funny stuff. I know anything and everything there is to know about The Office (both US and UK versions), as well as too much about other comedy shows and films. I make a life reference to an old Saturday Night Live skit on a near daily basis. But I’m not (just) a couch potato I swear! Besides comedy, I love traveling (spent last spring in London and traveled throughout Europe for the first time while I was there), volunteering (mostly with hunger relief around Boston and with children, but I’m super excited to explore a different issue area with disabilities!), playing soccer and watching football (at least when the Giants aren’t embarassing me), and everything about the 90’s (expect a sick roadtrip playlist on our way to/from Nashville, starting with The Beatles in the 60’s up until music from my favorite decade). I was born in New York, but raised in the dirty Jerz, and I’ll be the first to admit that the only things I like about NJ are The Boss (that’s Bruce Springsteen for those of you who should be adding all of his albums to your playlist as you read this), it’s closeness to the city, and 24 hour diners. Do not ask me if I fist pump because I can assure you that you’re not the first person who thinks they’re clever for asking that (I basically went to high school with Jersey Shore-type people and am anti-guido). To end this on a brighter note (or at least one that’s not spray-tanned orange), I CANNOT WAIT for Alternative Spring Break this year in Nashville, TN. YEE-HAAAW Y’ALL!


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