Posted by: nashvillebuasb | January 28, 2011

Nash what? Nash Vegas!

Hey everyone! Emily here! Are you excited for ASB registration? ‘Cause we sure are! This past Tuesday and Wednesday, Meghan and I had the exciting chance to meet some of you at the ASB information sessions held at the GSU Backcourt. There was so much excitement… that it was contagious! We met people who had already experienced the thrill of Nasvhille and people who have not yet left the East Coast. But, one thing is sure…this year’s spring break is sure to be the best!

So, many of you might be wondering now…”Okay, okay, so Nashville sounds pretty cool. But what the heck will we be doing there?!” This year, our group will be working with United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee to build wheelchair ramps around the city (plus the surrounding areas). Since 1999, UCP of Middle Tennessee has sent volunteers out into the community to help improve the mobility of those with physical impairments. Yet, people with Cerebral Palsy aren’t the only people we’ll be helping! Mobility impairments can also stem from conditions such as M.S, Spina Bifida, and strokes to name just a few.

Because this project is one of the longest-running ASB trips being offered, our group already has fantastic relationships with both our site contact and the church where we’ll be staying. And finally, after a hard day’s work, we’ll be hittin’ the showers at….the local YMCA! Yes, that’s right. This trip just got real.

So, are you ready? Are you excited to make a lasting difference?! Are you eager to make this spring break the best one yet?!! We hope your answer is yes…because Nash Vegas is ready and roarin’ to go!

Registration starts at 8am THIS Sunday!


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