Posted by: nashvillebuasb | February 11, 2011

“Roadtrippin’ with my few favorite allies…

…fully loaded we got snacks and supplies.” HEY THERE ASB NASHVILLE VOLUNTEERS! Meghan here – just thought you’d enjoy a taste of some roadtrip music we’ll be playing on our approximately 20ish-hour roadtrip. Some Red Hot Chili Peppers to get you through the day before you engage in weekend festivities.

ANYWAYS, I’m here to tell you a little about what we’re planning on doing along the way to and from the Music City — Nashville, Tennessee! We’ll be leaving Boston on Saturday, March 12th probably later in the morning to embark on our exciting adventure. We’ll make a pit stop to grab lunch a few hours into our trip — either somewhere right outside Boston or if you guys have somewhere in New England in mind. For dinner, we’ll be stopping in the City of Brotherly Love for some authentic Philly cheesesteaks (or whatever else you guys prefer to have). After that, we’ll burn off those calories by playing laser tag at a place about an hour outside Philly in Lebanon, PA. We might be joined by the volunteers from the Horse Cave, Kentucky trip while we’re there. Then, we’ll drive through the night (making pit stops for bathroom breaks, to fill up the van with gas, and maybe participate in a creepy toddlers & tiaras pageant show if need be  — see below) until we arrive at our destination — the ville of Nash!

After a fullfilling week of volunteering and viva-ing Nash Vegas, we’ll probably leave Nashville around the mid-afternoon on Saturday, March 19th. On our way back from Alternative Spring Break, it’s pretty much up to you guys where you’d like to visit. In the past, they have stopped in Washington, D.C. for a late dinner/sightseeing (maybe a little White House party crashing? nahhh we’d be invited). One thing we’ll definitely be doing is stopping in the dirty Jerz for breakfast (and possibly nap time too) at my house! I have a big crazy family (half my siblings will probably be sleeping in) and two puppies! YAY PUPPIES! Except you can only pet one of them (Charlie) because the other one (Odie) is kinda demonic. BUT IN A CUTE WAY! But seriously, don’t pet him…And yes I live in North Jersey and went to school with fist-pumping, hair-gelling, Armani Exchange t-shirt-wearing guidos, but I promise you, my house is a no-guido-allowed territory. But back to stuff that’s not gross…PUPPIES!!!:

Charlie on the left & Odie on the right...they had just come back from the groomer's - we don't normally put bandanas on them and Charlie's top of his head normally doesn't look transposed from a poodle

After our bellies are full of pancakes and eggs, we’ll head back to Boston after a successful ASB trip! Then you can start planning where you guys want to go next year on ASB while I try to find a job when I’m forced to enter the real world in May. WOOOO!


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